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Corporate Events

We manage For you provide an array of corporate event services which will ensure assist you in planning an unforgettable experience for your guests. Our expert team of event mangers keeps your all goals and objective top of mind. We make your corporate events broadloom and meaningful with glorious decor, and help you choose the best theme, venue and menu that will make you and your business shine. We offer a range of creative ideas and unique events solutions to suit every need and budget.

Corporate Events

We offer you all the ingredients to make your corporate events a dream come true. Which includes the following basic services:-

 Conference & Seminars

Conferences & seminars are one of the most effective communication tools in relaying a business message or other communication to customers, staff or work force.

At Glorious Percept we will ensure that your Conference & Seminars runs smoothly and effectively by ensuring all aspects are properly planned and catered for…freeing your time and ensuring that your project looks professional and stays within budget.

Corporate Events

 Promotions & Exhibitions

Exhibitions are meant for displaying new Brands & Products among the masses to create huge awareness whether promotional strategies propel your brand to top of mind.

We at Glorious Percept Design and Fabricate Exhibition Structures in splendid manners such as in order to create uncluttered visibility & ward off any complexity. We tap into key consumer insights to create emotionally enticing concepts that motivates consumers to action and drive brand performance.

Corporate Events

 Product Launch

First impressions are lasting impressions especially if you’re launching a new product. A welcoming and well-choreographed event can do wonders for your business's image and reputation.

We help you to create that first impression larger than life. We provide creative concept and designs with special effects for your product launch event.

Corporate Events

 Meetings & Incentive Programs

Planning any type Meetings & Incentive programs requires a significant amount of time and attention to detail. If you lack the expertise or staff to handle the amount of work involved, allow us to plan your next event.

We believe that Incentive programmes keep your employees motivated and raise morale. Incentive programs such as awards banquets, company picnics and holiday parties let everyone enjoy camaraderie and strengthen both friendships and management-employee relations.

Corporate Events


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